Product Viewer


Presenting the products in a realistic way would give customers the ability to visualise and experience the products in their own space. For products, such as Baby style products, the visualisation itself was not the only reason why our client asked for this service, but to allow their customers to see if this product can fit in the required space, e.g., if the car seat can fit in the customer’s car, or is the stroller size suitable for the elevator in the customer’s building?


When the products are specific and have many details that can be very important when making a purchase decision, then our suggestion was to present the products digitally as they are in the real world. 3D modelling and placing the model on the Vizard platform was a proposal for our client.


The main idea was to allow our client’s customers to experience the products in their space even before purchasing. That is exactly what Vizard platform is used for. As the first step, we prepared 3D models of different types of their products: car seats, strollers and chairs. The 3D modelling process included the following steps: photogrammetry, model scanning, detailing, texturing, rendering, optimization.

Furthermore, we uploaded 3D models on the Vizard platform, so that the products could be shown as 3D models but also as Augmented Reality through Vizard platform.  QR codes were integrated on our clien’s website, that lead their customers to the products that will be shown in front of them.