Product Configurator


The challenge was to make the purchase of barbecues as interesting as these barbecues are themselves. Present the full range of available colours and sizes, but in a more modernised and simplified form.


Our team has developed not only 3D models but also a personalised 3D configurator that allows customers to explore and choose their ideal variant. The technic for creating 3D models we used is 3D modelling.
The suggested solution also was to allow a potential buyer to have the ability to see the product in its true size in their backyard with help of AR technology, without the necessity of coming to the showroom.


With a 3D configurator, the customers can configure and visualise their dream barbecue to the smallest detail, making the buying process interesting and enjoyable.
Not only they can choose from various options and colours and see their creation come to life in real-time, but they can also see how the barbeque will look in their space before they buy it.