About Vizard

Who we are and what we do

The Vizard ecosystem enables the digitalization of various products, which involves their
appearance in the form of 3D objects, the possibility of product configuration, but also their
experience in augmented reality (AR). With the help of Vizard, you can give your users the
opportunity to interact with the products in a completely new, digital way. Not only does it
provide a richer user experience, but also a wide range of possibilities for companies
regarding the sale, presentation or visualization of products.

The furniture industry has a variety of technically impressive solutions in the field of digital 3D object creation and product configuration. This involves using specialised software to create a 3D model, which is then converted into a tangible product and delivered to the customer. Despite its effectiveness, this process is often unable to provide an accurate representation of 3D objects, especially within the limitations of web browsers and augmented reality environments.

Product Digitalization involves the creation or optimization of existing 3D models of
products. After creating or optimizing a 3D product model, an important step is texturing in
order to achieve authenticity and detail. This process involves adding textures, colors and
details to the product surfaces, which contributes to realism and aesthetic quality.
Furthermore, the preparation of all products variable elements allows flexibility in
customizing and personalizing the product according to the customer’s specific
Texturing can be done in two ways:

  1. “Tileable texture” – repeating texture
  2. “Unwrap UV texture” – texture specifically tailored for a specific surface

The 3D configurator enables the visualization of 3D product models in all possible variants.
With 3D configurators, users have the opportunity to design products interactively according
to their wishes and needs. With this tool, users can select different options such as colors,
materials or accessories to create their own unique product combination. Once personalized,
users can experience their design in a real environment using augmented reality technology,
giving them a realistic insight into the final product before they make a purchase. This
interactive and immersive technology enhances the user experience and increases
engagement, making the purchasing decision process easier and reducing the possibility of
product returns.

The integration of 3D models into e-commerce offers users an interactive shopping
experience, while connecting the configurator with relevant data allows users to personalize
products to their needs. By adding price functionality within the configurator, users gain
transparency and clarity during the product personalization process. This way, customers
can explore different options while having insight into the price, allowing them to make an
informed decision and increase the purchasing intent. The integration of configurators with
price data improves the user experience and improves the efficiency of the online shopping

Why us?

From advanced 3D product visualization to sophisticated retail tools, Vizard offers everything
you need to bring your business into the digital era.

Quality as a priority
Our team is experienced in creating high-quality 3D models and textures of furniture and is
recognized as providing attention to detail and precision in every step of the process. Each
element of the 3D furniture model is carefully modeled and textured to achieve authenticity
and aesthetics. The result is a flawlessly created model that captivates with its realism and
finishing quality, bringing liveliness and elegance to your digital space.’s influence in the furniture industry
Vizard’s influence in the furniture industry is remarkable. As a leader in the field of 3D
product visualization, Vizard stands out for its commitment to supporting customers through
advanced technologies. Vizard enables a secure and easy connection between the physical
and digital user experience and opens up new perspectives for brands and companies.


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