Product Viewer


Creating 3D models of specific crystal products and enabling the perfect presentation for online sales, which makes a significant impact on the customer’s perception of products.


The solution was to use all of the technics for getting the perfect 3D model from crystal products. The technics we used were photogrammetry, 3D scanning and modelling. Attention to detail was critical with these crystal products, as it expresses the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of the product. After we made an adequate digital representation of all the desired products, 3d models were uploaded to the Vizard platform.
We made an extra effort to use the perfect lighting, and background to reflect all the beauty of the products.


As a result of this project, we created 3D models of the products and with the Vizard platform, the products can be viewed in AR. The client integrated QR codes on their website, which allowed customers to view the products in their own homes before purchasing, improving the customer’s shopping experience and facilitating decision-making.